New Build

Planning a Project

If you are thinking of building, there are a number of key points that need to consider before starting your project.

Design brief

·         What do I need?

·         What is my budget?

·         How can I properly assess my site?

·         Who can I ask for advice?

Forget the architect/designer or engineer for the moment! Take some time to think about your project, carefully consider all the items that will influence your project. From the time you spend in your home to how you currently use your home and would like to use it in the future and what the future may hold in 5, 10 or even 20 years.

Once you've carefully considered all these aspects you will be able to sit down and put an accurate & comprehensive brief of your requirements together for your architect/designer. If you're unsure of what the next step is or where to find a suitable architect/designer you can contact us at Mulcon Construction Ltd. and we'll point you in the right direction.


·         Where is my local authority?

·         Who do I need to talk to about design?

Before going ahead with full design & drawings, it is best to visit your local Council and a pre-planning clinic with the concept of what you are hoping for on paper in draft form. Initial or draft options are fine to open discussions and can save time and money by starting off on the right foot.

At pre-planning clinics, the local planner will advise you on what is acceptable in the area and what the limitations are in terms of size, site impact and impact on neighbouring properties or surroundings. This will help to progress the project on the right step and avoid planning issues later on.

Site Appraisal:

·         Why do I need an assessment?

·         Will this site get planning?

·         Who do I need to talk to about design?

When building a new house on an un-serviced site, one item, which is often left to a late stage, is the site appraisal & site suitability assessment. This should be done at an early stage. This will determine a number of elements including:

·         The type of effluent treatment system required for the site

·         The location of the dwelling on the site, which may affect the design of the dwelling

·         Indicate cost of developing site

·         Implications for local development plans

In some cases it may determine the site is not suitable at all. So it is best to have the site looked at in the very early stages to avoid unnecessary cost and delays.

This can be full of problems and very stressing, particularly if you are self-building and are new to the industry. There are so many products available for every stage of the build and costs can vary immensely. If you intend to have a 'hands on' approach you need to have your research done well in advance, but be prepared for last minute decisions and alterations when the need arises! It is vital to have the help of someone with experience in construction to help you get through the project.

The key to success is proper planning and organisation. To run any size project properly you will need to have:

·         Proper Construction & Survey drawings

·         Planned out both construction and finishing materials

·         Selected trades people who can communicate both with you and other tradesmen involved in the 'build'

·         An experienced person to help you through any problems that may occur during the build

·         Proper costing & budget figures, which you need monitor throughout

The Building Stage:

·         Do I need a contractor or can I self build?

·         What materials should I be looking at?

·         How do I future proof my project?

You could self build but will have to get certification of compliance. Any good builder's providers should be able to advise on the best materials you should be using if you are going to self build. If you are not self building your contractor will know from experience what would be best to suit your needs and your budget.

Feel free to contact us - Mulcon Construction Ltd. - for more information.